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Videos help exhibitors provide attendees with a sneak peak into a featured product or service. It is also common for exhibitors to upload a general video for attendees advertising company key points and take-aways.  

While every event has a variety of content and custom design within each page, we hope to guide you through what you can expect on the Add a Video page or visit our FAQ's*.

  1. Let's get started by clicking the Video button typically* located within your Exhibitor Console


  2. Select your video file.
    • Be sure to upload your video within the specifications (Size and file type requirements.) provided or the video will not save.


  3. Once you click submit, the video will appear on the exhibitors' eBooth Profile on Event Map and the Exhibitor List.
  4. When the upload section of the page no longer appears, this means you have used up the allotted video entries your event has chosen to offer.
    • If you do not see any instructional text to let you know how many videos you may add, contact the event directly to inquire.
    • For events with the quantity listed, this is the amount included. 
    • If there is "upgrade" text or a Buy Digital Promotional Opportunities button on your exhibitor console, click into it to see if your event offers an upgrade for more videos. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you seeing your video uploaded but it is not yet playing or is displaying a black screen?

A: Often, large videos take 24 hours to fully load. Please check back 24 hours after you uploaded your video to see if it has updated. 


*Disclaimer: Please be advised that not all content and functionality above may be available as it is up to the event to decide what pages, fields and features they wish to utilize. If you would like some of these features for next year's event, contact the event directly to request them.

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