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Welcome to Edit Booth Info., your space to create your exhibitor ebooth profile.

While every event has a variety of content and custom design within each page, we hope to guide you through what you can expect on the Edit Booth Info page or visit our FAQ's*.

Exhibitor eBooth information is generated from within the Exhibitor Console under Edit Booth Info. You may update these fields at your convenience by completing the following steps below.

  1. Click Edit Booth Info also referred to as eBooth, Booth Info or your event's preferred term(s) typically* located within your Exhibitor Console.  


  2. You may update each field as you wish with the exception of Company Name or Booth Label (aka Booth Number). You will know that you cannot edit those fields as they are grey and unable to edit as set by the event management team. Changes to either of those should be directed to the event management team for approval. 
  3. The company Welcome Message field is traditionally something along the lines of "Please stop by our booth!" Feel free to create your own message that promotes your company brand.
  4. Company Logos should be added within the specifications (size and file type) provided next to the text "Company Logo" or it will not save.
    • Once saved, logos will be automatically resized to fit the design of the eBooth on event map at 66 pixels. Resizing is not a custom feature at this time.
    • Once the logo is saved, if you wish to remove it, click remove and then upload a new logo. 
  5. Company Print Profile is traditionally for event program print purposes. It is plain text and is typically for printed materials as determined by the event. Please be aware that spaces, symbols and letters count as characters. Character Count limits are listed next to the text "Print Profile"
  6. Brands are your company brands that you wish to promote on your profile.  


  7. The company Online Profile is most often displayed when an attendee clicks on your company name from the Event Map, Exhibitor List or within the event Mobile App. An exhibitor is able to use the wizi wig editor to add HTML to their profile.  


    • Exhibitors do not need to add their booth label/number to the profile as it is all listed on the profile page already.
    • Character count limits are listed next to the text "Online Profile" and also in the bottom right hand corner with a real time character count feature.
    • Be sure to copy and paste all text as plain text within the circle icon with a "T" on it in the screenshot above or try editing your source code and removing "&nsbp".
    • If you receive a page not found or a photo of a dog, this means the text was not entered as plain text. Try removing it and add the text as plain text. Alternately, you may edit it under the Source code circled in the screenshot above and try removing any "&nsbp".
    • While we do not offer code editing services, you may wish to contact someone in your office handy with code who can edit it to your company preferences. 
  8. Company product categories are those that best describe your products and services. Select some to let your attendees know what you do and to boost the listing of recommendations on the Recommendations Tab located on the Attendee List page if your event has Connect.  


  9. Social media handles may be filled out by copy and past and should include https:// along with the full URL of the page.  



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Edits to my Booth Info are not appearing, what am I doing wrong?

A: Be sure that after you click submit you are receiving a success message at the top of the screen. If you received a  success message, clear your cache and cookies before going back in to review the page. 

How do I clear the cache in Chrome?

  • Open Chrome.
  • On your browser toolbar, tap the 3-dot icon .
  • Tap History, and then tap Clear browsing data.
  • Under "Clear browsing data," select the checkboxes for "Cookies and site data" and "Cached images and files."
  • Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete.
  • Tap Clear browsing data.

If you are still experiencing trouble, be sure your changes were accepted. Check back into the Edit Booth Info page after clearing your cache and cookies. If your edits are missing, try again and upon clicking submit, if your changes are not accepted, review the error codes at the top of the screen. Once completed, your profile should save. 

Preview your content by clicking on the monitor icon next to your booth number or often, parallel to your Company Name. (See below.) Other examples may include a preview bar located near the Edit Booth Info button.

If you are on the event map, be sure you are previewing your booth under the correct event name and year. 


Q: How do I get attendees to pay attention to my ebooth profile?

A. Attendees search and favorite eBooth profiles based on a number of factors such as product categories, geographic location, and keywords from exhibitor profiles that they have indicated as relevant to them. 

Be sure to update your company eBooth profile with complete information with the steps above, so as to provide attendees with richer, searchable content within your eBooth and increase your likelihood of being favorited. 


*Disclaimer: Please be advised that not all content and functionality above may be available as it is up to the event to decide what pages, fields and features they wish to utilize. If you would like some of these features for next year's event, contact the event directly to request them. 

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