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The Speaker Widget is available for presenters to promote their session at the event and offer session attendees an easy way to register to see you at the event.

While every event has a variety of content and custom design within each page, we hope to guide you through what you can expect on the Speaker Widget page or visit our FAQ's*.

  1. Let's begin by logging into the Speaker Console and clicking on the Speaker Widget button.  


  2. Speaker Widget buttons are at the discretion of the event management team and may* be offered by your event. 
  3. Once on the widget page, you may access your personalized Speaker Widget that you can add to your company website and track utilization rates. 


  4. To add the widget to your personal website, you would wish to copy the Script and paste it to a prominent location on your page. 
    • The script embed code works with most websites. However, if your site doesn't support the Script, try the Iframe code.
    • If you are having trouble with adding the widget to your company website, we would recommend that you contact your website or CMS (Content Management System) team to inquire about compatibility. 
  5. Usage rates and statistics are available if you scroll down on the page.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I embed the widget on our website?

A: Log in to your Speaker Console, copy the widget code and embed it in your website. Once embedded, the widget enables your website visitors to:

  • View your speaking sessions on the event website. The widget helps to raise awareness and drive traffic to your sessions. 

  • Register for the event from your website. Make it easier for your fans and followers to register for the event by way of the speaker widget. In turn, increase your ROI from the event by meeting them face to face at the event.

Q: What is the benefit of embedding the widget on our website?

A: The Speaker Promotion Widget enables you to engage your prospects and helps you build interest in your sessions at the click of a button.

Q: Where should we display the widget? 

A: We recommend displaying the widget on your home page of your website, as well as on all pages popular with your followers. You would also want to ensure that the widget is displayed prominently above the fold (i.e. in the top section of the website, just below the masthead), so that visitors can view it without having to scroll.

Q: How do I access the widget code? 

A: Log in to your Speaker Console and click on the Speaker Promotion Widget button.

Q: Is there a cost for using the widget? 

A: No, the Speaker Promotion Widget is available for free to exhibitors at the event management team's discretion.  

Q: May I edit the shape, size, font and color of the widget?

A: At this time, we are not offering a custom widget service. 

Q: May I add the widget to my email or social media?

A: At this time, we are offering the widget specifically to websites only. 


*Disclaimer: Please be advised that not all content and functionality above may be available as it is up to the event to decide what pages, fields and features they wish to utilize. If you would like some of these features for next year's event, contact the event directly to request them.

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