Retrieve Attendee Password

Retrieve your Attendee Password.

While every event site differs, we hope to guide you through what you can expect on the Retrieve Attendee Password page or visit our FAQ's*.

  1. Typically* Attendee passwords may be retrieved on each event's My Planner log in page. 

  2. If you are unable to locate the retrieve button or clickable text to retrieve your password, try clicking on the word "retrieve" as noted above in blue. Often, the word "retrieve" is where an event may place the link to pull up the email form for you to receive your password.
    • Attendee login forms may not use a password, they may use an eCode or your badge number. In any case, when you click retrieve, the correct credentials will be emailed to you.
    • Should the credentials field note that you need to use your badge number to log in, as a secondary resource, you may refer back to your badge or registration confirmation email which may have your badge number included. 
  3. Once you have submitted the attendee retrieve password form, check your email inbox and spam folders for your event's response.
  4. If you received a notice from the retrieve password form that your email is not a match in our records be sure to try all emails you may have an account under.
    • If the badge number is a log in option and you have registered for the event, you should use the email address you have registered under.
      • If you are using the correct email address and still do not have access, contact the event directly to see if your registration type is permitted access. 
    • At any time, your event may offer the option to create a new account to gain access to My Planner by clicking the text "new account" as noted in the example below in blue.


      • Fill out all required fields noted by an asterisk (*) in the form and click submit. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I update, reset or change my password to something I can remember?

A: Attendee passwords may be customized on the My Profile page in the bottom left hand corner once you are logged in.  Attendee credentials like eCodes or Badge numbers cannot be personalized. 


*Disclaimer: Please be advised that not all content and functionality above may available as it is up to the event to decide what pages, fields and features they wish to utilize. If you would like some of these features for next year's event, contact the event directly to request them.


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