Exhibitor Console

Welcome to the Exhibitor Console.

While every event has a variety of content and custom design within the console, we hope to guide you through what you can expect on the Exhibitor Console landing page or visit our FAQ's*.

Below is an example of what you may* see within the Exhibitor Console.

  1. The header typically displays:
    • Your company name and booth number as confirmed by the event.
      • Should you wish to change your company name or booth number, try contacting the event management team directly as it is not editable within the console.
    • To preview your company profile, an icon that looks like a computer monitor is often located in the upper right hand corner of the page. Alternately, some events may add this as a button within the page. 
  2. A variety of buttons may be displayed on the Exhibitor Console. Button availability ranges from editing your company Booth Info, to a full listing of options. As buttons are offered by the event management team on a case by case basis, you may see all or a very limited number of the buttons in the example below.   


  3. The Exhibitor Console often* offers:
  4. For events that choose to offer special enhanced listing opportunities or Connect, a variety of the following buttons may* be available:
  5. From there, all other buttons are event specific dependent on Connect and other factors determined by the event management team. (If you wish for your event to have some of these features, contact your event management team directly to inquire.)
  6. The footer typically offers:
    • Event contact information for event-related questions and registration.
    • Quick Links to event related sites.
    • Event dates, hours and physical location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  When I log in I get the message "No booths for logged in exhibitor" what does that mean?

This means the event management team has not yet confirmed your company's booth and you would wish to reach out to them directly to see when your company's booth may be confirmed. 

Q: How can I change my company name or booth number?

A: Contact the event management team directly. 

Q: Where is the event and registration contact us page?

A: Typically, these are links located in the footer but you may wish to go back to the event site directly to look for that contact information. 

Q: The button or field is grey and I cannot click on it, what's wrong?

A: If a button or field is grey, it has been set by the event as unable to use. Contact the event directly for edits or upgrades to those links or fields.

Q: The button says I can add multiple products, videos, press releases or show specials but I can only add one. 

A: Try looking for an upgrade or Digital Promotion Opportunity button within the console so you may upgrade to get more entries. If there is not one, contact the event management team directly to inquire how to upgrade.

Q: What is Connect?

A: Connect is a matchmaking and networking solution that helps to connect exhibitors with attendees before, during and after an event. 

Connect has the ability to generate recommended matches for event participants based on precise matching criteria located within Edit Booth Info from within the exhibitor console.

Exhibitors can generate a list of attendees who are their recommended best matches and are looking for products and services in their chosen categories. Accurate matchmaking means users can get started with networking immediately instead of spending time on searching for matches.

Q: Why should I use Connect?

A:  Connect enables exhibitors to increase their return on investment (ROI) and maximize their time onsite by networking and scheduling meetings with matched and favorite buyers before the event even starts. Your event lead generation is given a boost with Recommendations provided by the system (category matches from the Edit Booth Info page), instead of waiting for target buyers to hopefully walk by your booth on the event floor.

Q: How can I make sure to receive the best possible matches from Connect?

A: To receive your best matches, be sure that your Online Booth Profile has been completed. Most of your company information is already in your profile, but it's always a good idea to review it in case important information has changed.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from Connect?

A: Your My Preferences section determines your ability to use Connect features. Only turn them off if you do not wish to utilize Connect by receiving email and appointment requests. Q: What is the physical address of the event? 

Q: I have event related questions like "What is the move in and out schedule?" "How do I order services?" "What is the physical location of the event?" and others that I need answers to. 

A: If it is not located in the footer, visit the event website for more information. 


*Disclaimer: Please be advised that not all content and functionality above may be in your console as it is up to the event to decide what pages, fields and features they wish to utilize. If you would like some of these features for next year's event, contact the event directly to request them.

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